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Ryo Fujimoto


2010.04.01 update

主なグループ展に「THE EXPOSED #03」 (CASO/大阪)、「NEW DIRECTIONS#1 exp. 」(トーキョーワンダーサイト本郷/東京)等、「full course」(BankART studio NYK/横浜)がある。また、photo Miami 2008、第12回Paris Photo にも出展し、その作品は国内外で多くのコレクターやキュレイターの注目を集めている。

Ryo Fujimoto
Born in Tokyo, 1984. Graduated from Masters Degree at Tokyo National University of the Arts in 2010. Fujimoto creates his photographs as a conceptual means to 'reconstruct' the images, and through the process of manipulating the photographs, Fujimoto creates the images of 'non-places', which evokes one's imaginary landscape.
He has been participating in many group shows including THE EXPOSED #03, NEW DIRECTIONS #1 exp. Fujimoto was awarded at the graduating students' award: Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2009.

藤本涼写真展「live on air」は、2010年4月25日(日)まで、G/P galleryにて開催中。
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